Astor was founded in 1874 and originally was named Manhattan! William Astor changed the name of the town just 10 years later to Astor.  A railroad was built through the neighbouring town of Pierson which spurred the growth of Astor as well as surrounding towns of Pierson, Barberville, and Emporia . But when the steamboat and riverfront boom was over in 1894, Astor resumed the small peaceful town recognized for recreational hunting and fishing.  Nearby town of Pierson is known as the fern capital of the world. Surrounding economic growth came from cattle, citrus, saw mills, and turpentine.

Our monthly meeting are an informal gathering of some of our members.  Thanks go out to our sponsor, Black Water Inn that allows our meetings before opening hours in the upstairs dining area called Williams Landing.  We couldn't have a better view of the St. John's River! 

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Blackwater Yacht Club

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